Don’t hesitate to contact me through this site to set a price that is right for you.  I will be available at a regular work schedule, but I will be attentive to all of your enquiries and requests, and will answer to them as soon as possible.


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Personalized Attention

I will consider each specific case and give you an appropriate price, and I will maintain constant communication with you whenever necessary.


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I monitor my inbox constantly and will answer to you promptly.


Ongoing Support

If you have any concerns or doubts I will gladly answer them at any point in the process, and I will also keep you updated about any issues, questions or comments regarding the source or target document if necessary.


Fair Prices

Not all documents are the same, each is different and serves a different purpose, so prices will vary accordingly. Rush documents, that is, documents that need to be translated in a shorter period of time than the standard turnaround, will entail an extra fee.  For the time being I work with MS Office formats (Word, Excel) ONLY.


Timely Delivery

Remember this is not an automatic job, so the deadline will be set according to the length of the document and the final document will be delivered as soon as possible.



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Service Hours: Monday through Friday from 7:00 to 5:00 p. m. (Bogota Time)


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